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We offer free pregnancy tests, maternity and children’s clothing, infant clothing and accessories, diapers, formula and baby food. The items we have to offer at any time depends on the donations we receive. We also have a wide variety of informational and educational material on subjects such as fetal development, abortion, post-abortion healing, and religious/biblical views of pro-life issues. Finally, we have lists of other resources in the community to refer clients who need assistance with other areas of life such as housing and medical care. We are not a medical office and do not employ medical personnel.




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  1. Jeri Down-Jones says:

    Very nice website. Very complete.

  2. Hello, my name is Christy Cozby and I am a childbirth mentor. I help parents learn to cope with the physical, mental and emotional intensity of pregnancy, labor, and parenting. I do this through teaching mindfulness practices, guiding parents through an exploration of their hopes and fears, and honestly presenting what may happen during labor. All activities are designed to encourage parents to expect the unexpected and to respond with an open heart and mind. I also provide labor support and Spanish interpretation.

    I offer a 12-hour Birthing From Within class, labor support and interpretation service free-of-charge to parents in financial need. I would appreciate any potential clients you feel would be a good fit for my services. I am also available to present an introduction to Birthing From Within to your clients or staff or to lead a Birth Art session in which clients explore their beliefs about birth through art-making and guided discussion.

    Thank you for the good work you are doing to support expectant parents. Please contact me if you would like more information about my services. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your clients.


    Christy Cozby

    (503) 779-7477

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